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Talking to VUC on New Use Cases of Real-time Communication [Podcast]

By callstats on August 6, 2018

The Visions Under Construction Podcast with Varun and Binoy

This past Friday, our CEO Varun Singh and our Product Manager Binoy Chemmagate met with Visions Under Construction to discuss new use cases for real-time communications, especially interactive experiences.

Earlier this year, we created a series of blog posts dedicated to existing WebRTC use cases. In contrast, this podcast delved into emerging use cases, including automotive, healthcare, VR/AR/MR, surveillance, finance, and others.

This is an area that we at have studied extensively and discuss with the community as much as possible. Just last month, Binoy presented at CommCon 2018 on the growth and emergence of WebRTC in different verticals.

If you’re interested in the future of real-time communications and these exciting use cases, check out the podcast here.

For more information about emerging use cases of real-time communications, check out the white paper we released in conjunction with Disruptive Analysis, The Future of WebRTC: Innovative Use Cases of Real-time Audio and Video Communications.

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