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ClueCon 2018 Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Communications [Podcast]

By callstats on July 23, 2018

Last week, our CEO Varun Singh met with Douglas Green from Telecom Resellers leading up to ClueCon 2018. Check out the podcast at the bottom of this post.

Alternatively, check out the podcast on artificial intelligence and real-time communications with Varun Singh on Telecom Resellers.

They had a spirited conversation revolving around artificial intelligence in real-time communications, which has been a topic at the forefront of our minds at for some time.

This podcast is a lead up to Varun’s featured presentation at ClueCon 2018, where he will describe the three ways we use artificial intelligence to help developers and operators of real-time web communications applications deliver high quality user experiences. We are a leader in the monitoring and analysis of WebRTC applications that provide interactive voice, video and screen sharing among users.

A key feature in our product, artificial intelligence enables us to:

  1. Rapidly infer when users are annoyed by call problems.
  2. Spot patterns in large volumes of call data to help identify problems.
  3. Predict call settings to provide optimal performance to end-users based on their preferences and environment.

Optimize assists our customers in delivering optimal media quality, diagnosing media quality issues, and building better real-time communications products. It provides the optimal configuration settings for the best possible media quality, and detects anomalies in real-time to highlight issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Our product analysis and troubleshooting service helps software developers and operations teams deliver high quality real-time communications to their users. It detects and diagnoses WebRTC communications issues across all session types, from a two-person call to a multi-person large-scale conference, and identifies the root-causes of issues affecting end-users. Using, engineers can dramatically reduce time-to-resolution and increase application performance and reliability.


Podcast: Varun Singh with Telecom Resellers on Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Communication.

Check out our latest artificial intelligence product, Optimize, to help you diagnose real-time call quality issues today.

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