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Product Announcement: Unveiling Home, the brand new homepage for 🏠

By callstats on June 28, 2018

*Note: Home is available on Developer, Basic, Pro Plus and Enterprise plans.

At, we are on a continuous mission to help our customers build better WebRTC-enabled real-time communication products to empower remote and distributed teams to collaborate, connect patients to doctors and enable online video-learning. We do this by providing the solution to the entire team - from the development teams to product owners to CXOs, so that they can continuously identify metrics that impact their business to improve their overall user and customer experience. In the last few months, we’ve heard from our customers that they want to stay more organized with tracking metrics and call quality to foster faster decision-making.

What is Home? ⚙️

We asked you, listened to your feedback and today we are excited to announce the launch of Home, a new and completely redesigned homepage to help you and your team track issues related to the quality of experience in your real-time communication application and product. What that means is you and your team are able to stay informed and more organized when managing and prioritizing your features and conference issues.

Brand new and completely redesigned homepage

Figure 1: Brand new and completely redesigned homepage

This re-envisioned homepage of your dashboard highlights the overall performance of your WebRTC-enabled real-time communication product in one easily digestible view. Your team will be able to grasp the scale and the quality of experience for your customers with a quick glance. Additionally, you and your team can compare how your application / service is scaling and performing over selected time frames by leveraging the time comparison feature on Home.

Key Metrics at a Glance:

With the current release, there are 9 key metrics your team can focus on Home:

  1. Successful conferences - The number of conferences your app successfully established for all participants.

  2. Dropped conferences - The number of conferences your app successfully established but experienced critical failure while the conferences were under way.

  3. Partially failed conferences - The number of conferences your app failed to establish for some participant(s).

  4. Totally failed conferences - The number of conferences your app failed to establish entirely.

  5. Average Feedback- Average feedback is the aggregated ratings for all the conferences based on your end-users (We categorize them under: Excellent, Fair and Poor).

  6. Churn - Churn is when your user drops out of a conference and rejoins. Total number (and the fraction) of conferences with users that have rejoined the conference.

  7. Terminated Conferences: - The total number of conferences monitored by the app. Terminated conferences = successful conferences + partially failed conferences + totally failed conferences.

  8. Average Conference Duration - The average duration of a conference based on the total duration and the total number of conferences.

  9. Objective Quality - Weighted average of the objective quality for all your conferences.
    We categorize them as follows:
    Objective quality >2 : Excellent
    Objective quality 1-2 : Fair
    Objective quality <1.0 : Poor

How does it benefit your team

As a developer, you are able to collaborate with your product owner to understand if your customers’ conference experience is improving. These key metrics can provide you with the insights needed. For example, if you see the number of successful conferences have increased by 20% in the last 12 hours in comparison to the previous period - great job! - that is a sign of a successful product.

On the other hand, if you are a C-level executive managing a team and have noticed that the number of partially failed conferences have increased by 10% in the last 7 days, you can work with your team of developers and engineers to dive deep into specific issues with to improve the quality of the call and your users’ experience.

How to start using Home

To get started, log in to your account here. No account yet? Sign up for a Pro Plus or Enterprise account here and complete your integration. For more information, visit our pricing page or get in touch with our sales team now.

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Home: What’s coming up!

We are actively working on some new features and improvements coming to your Home on the dashboard. Stay tuned for brand new features!

If you like to learn more about the long-term trends we’ve observed on the service quality of various real-time communication product, download a copy of the 2018/01 WebRTC Metrics Report here.