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Why we Build the Next Generation of Real-time Communications Solutions

By callstats on June 14, 2018

Today, high-quality media systems enable completely immersive real-time experiences. Connectivity is becoming ubiquitously available, Internet-capable devices are becoming affordable, and so we are no longer limited by factors such as geography. Media systems can provide deeply engaging adventures that excite and stimulate.

Immersive experiences require the entirety of the users’ attention. In many ways, the experience and the user enter into a contract: the user will commit their time and focus to the experience, and the experience will be delightful. If the experience is disrupted, even for a moment, the contract is broken and it will annoy the user - how can one enjoy a captivating experience that is choppy, or fails periodically? In such situations, reliable and frictionless operation is critical.

Small and large teams working on these media apps and services share a similar goal: they want to build something that delights, excites, and engages the end-user. Where they differ, however, is the resources they have to deliver this experience.

A large team has the capability to not only build their product, but also build infrastructure around managing and maintaining performance (mainly, scalability, resilience, and reliability) for the product entirely in-house. In contrast, a small engineering team needs to be extremely focused on their core product offering and may only have the team members and resources needed to build the core product. As a consequence, these teams stand on the shoulder of giants and use third-party software and services for all their important undertakings. These critical tasks include not only using public cloud infrastructure, but also a slew of services to measure and improve their product.

At, we do not want teams to reinvent the wheel. Instead, teams should focus on what they do best: building an awesome experience in their app or service. We take the time to talk to our customers and get as much information from them possible, while simultaneously being as transparent with them as we can. Our customers rely on us to provide effective tools with an awesome customer service so that they can improve their products quickly.

To deliver high quality of media experience, we track what is happening in the industry and the community and create best practices based on those observations. Furthermore, through our continual experimentation and testing, we fine-tune our product offering. Finally, it is our long-term endeavour to provide our customers with actionable insights, instead of having them drown themselves in data. We are continuously identifying which metrics impact your business, quality of experience, and the reliability, scalability, and the resilience of your service through open communication and collaborative exchange.

Our best practices empower innovators to take their ideas from small to large scale, so they can build the future.

Smaller companies need to have access to these kinds of effective tools just as much as large companies in order for their users to have successful, easy, and real-time experiences. Everyone should be able to implement delightful real-time communication services. This is especially true as the industry expands into new areas and individuals experience things more widely, through more than just audio and video. Deeply engaging virtual worlds that envelop all senses are becoming the new standard, and with that comes a larger responsibility for developers.

We want to enable a world where teams effortlessly collaborate, people reliably get access to the best doctor, the most prompt support staff, the coolest interconnected video game or entertainment system. If developers are stuck reinventing the wheel, they cannot innovate and create the products that amaze and fascinate. We help developers on any size team build the next generation of effective, effortless real-time communication products.

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