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WebRTC is at the Core of Productive Remote Work

By callstats on May 30, 2018

At, we pride ourselves on hiring a wide variety of individuals. We believe that having inclusive diversity is at the core of a healthy, productive company culture. As part of this initiative, we look to hire beyond our home base in Helsinki, Finland. We have remote workers in several places across the globe, including the United States and Mexico.

Utilizing a remote workforce comes with its own set of unique challenges, but tools like video conferencing and team collaboration apps make the process a lot simpler. In fact, it has become so much easier that work-at-home, non-self-employed individuals have increased by 115% between the years of 2005 and 2017.

The solutions that enable remote work are particularly near and dear to our hearts at, as WebRTC can be used by developers to create them. This includes video calls and team collaboration applications.

Video Calls

Video calls are critically important to remote workers. Oftentimes, they are the most human connection remote workers can have to the rest of the company. 89% of remote employees say that video helps them feel more connected to their colleagues. At, our remote workers check in with the team through regular video call syncs.

WebRTC is the core technology behind many video call applications, including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and It brings improved quality, enhanced security, and minimal setup friction to video calls. WebRTC makes it easier for developers to build reliable, quality video applications so remote workers can really connect with the team.

Team Collaboration Applications

Team collaboration applications let the entire team work asynchronously, no matter their location and timezone. This kind of communication is truly what makes remote work possible.

For example, our employees in the United States are at least seven hours offset from our employees in Helsinki. Without team collaboration applications, the entire process of communicating would be incredibly difficult. Instead, with team collaboration applications, employees in one location can ping a remote teammate, and together they can have a cooperative conversation that works for their respective time zones.

Applications including Slack and RENdez-vous by RENATER use WebRTC for some of their core features. It brings security and scalability to team collaboration apps. WebRTC enables developers to build secure, scalable team collaborations applications, so remote workers may communicate effectively with the team, no matter where they are.

Embracing WebRTC and Remote Work

Remote work is becoming more and more popular as we as a society become more interconnected. At, we try to embrace the future as much as possible. We are happy to see WebRTC affecting so many different spaces, especially such impactful ones.

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