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Product Update: Introducing Conference Summary Notification via Webhooks

By callstats on April 9, 2018

Today we are releasing a new Push API to export data outside of the dashboard in real-time. This API allows our customers to receive a conference summary immediately after the conference ends. Our customers can also use this API to build custom dashboards and store data for longer periods of time, in case of data mining or compliance-related reasons.

Customers that are interested in notifications for different type failures, feedbacks, or setup delays based on certain threshold can check our notification feature and updates.

Conference Summary Notification

As soon as a conference ends, will send a conference summary notification directly to Slack or your custom webhook URL. The conference summary includes the conference name, time, participant information, errors, and more.

These notifications can be used for:
1. Real-time alerts for DevOps.
2. Building custom dashboards.
3. Data mining on the data store.
4. Storing the data for longer periods, for compliance or other reasons.

If your application handles large volumes of traffic, we recommend that you ensure you are able to process and store the conference summaries, as our system will send a webhook at the end of every conference.

The JSON format of the conference summary notification is given below.




The JSON format for the conference summary notification.

How to Enable the Conference Notification Summary For Your Conference

End-of-conference summary.

The conference summary notification is available as a payable feature exclusively for Enterprise Tier customers.The feature can be enabled by visiting the Notifications tab under Settings. has a one-click integration with Slack, or, alternatively, you are able to enter a custom web hook URL. For more information, you can also visit our Help Center article.

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If you are a partner looking to build an internal dashboard, please reach out to for more information.

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