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3 Takeaways From Enterprise Connect

By callstats on March 22, 2018

This year, several members of the team attended Enterprise Connect 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Varun has been attending Enterprise Connect for the past four years as a speaker, and last year we were also able to attend as a team. Enterprise Connect has been the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise communications and collaborations in North America for more than 27 years. We were able to connect with a lot of exciting companies building unique products in the communication space. Here are the three most important highlights we had from the event.

Announcing Optimize

At Enterprise Connect, we announced our new product, Optimize. Optimize is an AI-driven WebRTC stack that lets you predict quality of experience ahead of time, so you can supply your customers with the best possible call settings. Optimize helps teams provide optimal media quality and diagnose media quality issues to help deliver the best real-time communication products possible.

WebRTC Reality Check: Is This The Year?

Our very own Varun Singh, CEO of CALLSTATS I/O, participated on a panel of four individuals discussing the present and future impact of WebRTC. The audience was particularly intrigued by the discussion that centered around current WebRTC verticals, which is something we discuss extensively in our WebRTC Metrics Reports. Varun posited a difference between old verticals in the WebRTC space with new verticals. Old verticals include team collaboration, contact centers, and third party marketplaces such as healthcare, telemedicine, and online learning. New verticals include augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, surveillance, drones, and IoT devices. Other panelists expanded the conversation to include live broadcasting, contextual communication, in-house communication technology, artificial intelligence for real-time translation, intent-based meeting technology, and security tools. Booth At Enterprise Connect

Talking to potential and current customers at our booth at Enterprise Connect.

Engaging At Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect was loaded with companies from the enterprise communications industry. It gave our team the opportunity to connect face-to-face with companies across the world that we don’t get to see day-to-day in Helsinki. It also gave us the chance to engage and converse on a personal level with many of our customers, and meet more members of their teams. Customers and prospective customers were vocal about the issues they face with their communications tools, and engaged us in conversation about how can resolve their issues. We were able to provide in-person demos of our dashboard to potential customers. While we do offer these demos online, it is always exciting to be able to see how our customers interact with our product in person.

Our core team is based out of Helsinki, but we have several new remote hires in North America. Enterprise Connect enabled us to meet in person and bond as a team in real life.

We were very happy to have the opportunity to meet with so many great companies at Enterprise Connect. We are looking forward to building out these connections and exploring how can help more companies enhance their WebRTC applications.

I want to leave you with an intriguing anecdote from the event. While in an Uber to day one of Enterprise Connect, several of our teammates were chatting about with the Uber driver. He was very sharp, and focused his questions on what exactly does and how it helps people build better WebRTC products. We told him all about the pain points associated with call monitoring and how our product resolves those issues. Fast forward to the next day at the event, when we had someone else come up to the booth to ask about Turns out, this person was referred to us by that very Uber driver from the previous day. It takes a single Uber ride to see the value of integrating - and to recommend it to others.

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