integration to the popular TokBox/OpenTok platform

By Karthik BR on September 27, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the has open sourced their integration of opentok.js integration with Especially thankful to Arin, Rafael, and the team for developing and volunteering to maintain the integration for anyone using opentok.js.

The current integration covers the 1) peer-to-peer, and 2) the star topology using the media bridge. However, the current integration does not work appropriately for multi-party mesh conferences, the main reason for this is that the TokBoX API does not expose an identifier for remote parties, hence the shim needs the application provider to provide the local and remote userIDs.

How to integrate?

For full documentation, go to the GitHub library.

Add the file in your page after the script.

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

Then, initialize the like shown below:


Currently, the shim supports AppID, AppSecret, and SessionID. So, in example:

        AppId: 834738451,
        AppSecret: 'sOTjsJEfwPUGW4SRJI4BhbprGJ3lfO6Kp+:ixCX1P9mzNThlsW+YNLlb=',
        SessionId: '1_eiTh54cMjNx4FNk-JkT15IXNTGtNnh8W03m0RwYTMxUMNMDyhU2gzMxezMXjaF0Mj0E-UH4'

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