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The Voice of New Hires: Sales and Marketing

By callstats on May 4, 2017

It’s exciting to be in a company that’s growing rapidly. Stats are fun; but what’s most energizing is the influx of talent. We know that new hires’ initial impressions of their work environment and their first tasks often set the tone for their long-term job success.

We strive to make employees feel welcome, and we value their contributions. In the first few weeks, we make sure they’re working on the product or project they were hired for. Within a short time, we hope our new hires feel they made the right move. And we want to know whether the reality of the new job is living up to their expectations.

So, we ask them. In a recent blog, we shared the initial experiences of three new hires in software development. Now we’d like to share the impressions of three new hires in sales and marketing: Marketing and HR Specialist Charlotta Liukas, and Technical Account Managers Alejandra Soni and Binoy Chemmagate.

Pre-Job Expectations

Before joining, Charlotta expected to work with a “very technically oriented, talented team who likes data and analytics.” That’s what she got. “We look at numbers and graphs diligently,” she’s happy to report.

Alejandra looked forward to working with teammates she initially met on her first trip to Finland to finish her degree. She expected her work on the team to be fun and interesting. “I wasn’t really familiar with WebRTC before, so I was excited to learn more about it.”

With a bit of telecom and networking experience in his background, Binoy expected his work at to focus on the network dynamics, and it has. Binoy wanted “to establish customer relationships, understand the current issues with WebRTC deployments, and assist customers with integrating the product.”

The First Tasks

All three new hires jumped into their roles enthusiastically.

Only a week into her job, Charlotta has absorbed a lot of information about the product and its analytics. She’s worked on recruiting and human resources policies, and is helping set up the structures to support growth in her department. She’s already contributing to sales and marketing planning, and is looking forward to cultivating a customer case study spotlighting the benefits of using to monitor a big product development project.

Alejandra has been getting acquainted with customers and their needs. “The WebRTC industry is growing fast, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.” In her first few days, Alejandra attended multiple demo sessions and customer calls with Binoy and other teammates.

Binoy kept busy in his first weeks on the job establishing good relationships with customers, conducting product demos for prospective customers, and working on lead qualification based on the customer behavior. “I also wanted to make sure this information was documented in the right tools. I have worked with API documentations and made a significant contribution to building the knowledge share.”

Now That You Have Been on the Job…

Charlotta, Alejandra, and Binoy have all enjoyed their time at thus far.

“I come from a very different organizational background,” says Charlotta, “and I have enjoyed how helpful my colleagues are and how accessible customers are.” A lot is happening in sales and marketing, with new partnerships and segments under way. “We’re working on many cool initiatives… and desperately need new team members to be able to deliver on those ambitious plans!”

Alejandra has been at for over a month. “My coworkers are really open and supportive. They encourage asking questions, and they are always willing to help. It’s also nice that our customers are all around the world. I love having the experience of being in contact with so many different work cultures.”

The long-timer of the trio, Binoy, has been at for a year. “I have a good knowledge about the product and what it can and cannot do. This has equipped me quite a lot in handling most of my day-to-day activities at” Binoy has also made some good friends and respected colleagues here.

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