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The 2nd Issue of the WebRTC Metrics Report Series

By callstats on April 25, 2017
In 2017, WebRTC turns six years old and our experience from the Enterprise Connect conference suggests that several real-time communications products are increasingly using WebRTC. This second edition of the WebRTC Metrics Report series reveals metrics from WebRTC deployments that are monitored by We are going through the last five months of sessions, from November 2016 to February 2017.

This 20-page report includes 16 charts and one table that provide easy-to-digest insights into the growing number of WebRTC deployments. This report should help product managers and engineers design better real-time communication systems: chiefly, being mindful of potential bottlenecks as they plan for their application service’s growth.

This report answers to questions like:

  • What operating system and browsers dominate WebRTC?
  • How often do calls fail to set up and for what reasons?
  • How often do participants drop out of a conference due to connectivity issues? numbers

In the first quarter of 2017 we crossed 550 user accounts on and the number of monthly active products is above 250. In this period, our install-base has continued to grow 20% month on month while the traffic grew by 4x with our active customers based all around the world.

Key WebRTC insights

To give you an overview of the report we have put together a summary of the metrics presented in the report:

  1. Microsoft Windows dominates the WebRTC desktop market share and Google Chrome dominates the WebRTC browser market share.
  2. About 2% of the sessions fail to set up due to NATs and firewall traversal. In 9% of the cases a running session is dropped after being established successful.
  3. 8% of the sessions use a TURN server. Of the relayed sessions, 84% use TURN/UDP and the rest uses either TURN/TCP or TURN/TLS.
  4. 85% of the sessions have no packet loss.
  5. 86% of the sessions have less than 240ms RTT.
  6. 55% of the sessions have Excellent user feedback rating.
  7. 40% of the sessions have Excellent objective quality.
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You can access the previous report (2016/01) via this direct link to the PDF.

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