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New Update: Notifications And Search Criteria

By callstats on March 23, 2017

We added two new features:

  1. Notifications have more metrics that can trigger alerts.
  2. You can search for conferences with high setup delays.

New metrics added to notifications

At the moment, we deliver all notifications via our webhook api or to Slack. In the coming weeks, we will add new notification channels, e.g., emails, hipchat, pduty, etc. The new metrics added to the notification feature are listed below:

  1. Dropped conferences (users lost connectivity mid-session or similar).
  2. Partially-failed conferences (some users failed to join).
  3. Churn (users leaving and rejoining conferences).
  4. High setup delays (call took too long to set up).

The previous metrics, totally failed and dissatisfactory feedback (graded 1 or 2), will remain as part of the notifications feature.

The notification is triggered whenever a particular metric goes beyond a set threshold. For example, if you configured Slack, then the users in the corresponding slack channel will be notified. The threshold is specified in percentages, for example, if you would like to be notified when 10% or more of your calls have more than 5 seconds setup delay then you set the threshold to “0.1”.

Search for conferences with high setup delay

You can now search for conferences with high setup delays. All conferences with setup delays higher than 5 seconds will be listed with this filter. A conference is considered to have high setup delay if at least for one participant the setup delay was longer than 5 seconds.

High setup delay added to search criteria