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By callstats on July 28, 2016

Here is a guest blog post from Alan Ford, Technology Specialist at Pexip. Pexip provides distributed, virtualized software based conferencing solutions for WebRTC, SIP, H.323, and Microsoft Skype for Business. They recently released the plugin for Pexip’s API and products. A huge thanks to Pexip for doing the integration bringing WebRTC analytics and monitoring for Pexip. The team applauds them!

Pexip is delighted to announce that in Pexip Infinity v12, APIs were added that can be used to integrate with the Pexip Infinity WebRTC Client (Pexip Infinity Connect) or any other WebRTC client built upon Pexip’s PexRTC API.

For developers using PexRTC to build their own WebRTC applications, three new event callbacks were created which can be used to call out to the API. These callbacks are:

PexRTC.event_newPC = function(pc, uuid, conf, call_type), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • uuid: unique identifier of this call
  • conf: conference name
  • call_type: internal call type, may be ‘screen’ for screensharing, ‘audio_only’ for audio only.

PexRTC.event_event = function(pc, conf, ev), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • conf: conference name
  • ev: event; audioMute/audioUnmute/videoPause/videoResume/fabricTerminated

PexRTC.event_error = function(pc, conf, ev, err, sdp), where:

  • pc: PeerConnection object
  • conf: conference name
  • ev: the function in question
  • err: error from function
  • sdp: sdp in question, if relevant

Pexip has developed an integration for the Infinity Connect WebApp which can be used by customers to add this functionality, and also get inspiration for how to use this API elsewhere. The zip file shows how to use this within the Pexip Infinity Connect WebApp plugins architecture. This can be uploaded stand-alone as a web app branding configuration, or merged into existing web app branding.

This zip file contains an edited settings.js, which adds a scripts block (if you’re already using customisations, you can just add this scripts block to your existing customisations), and a csio.js file which is imported to make the above calls to the API. This will need to be edited to make use of your personal identifiers in the callStats.initialize call.

Any questions about this integration can be directed to Alan Ford (alan[a] and Binoy Chemmagate (binoy[a]

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