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By callstats on April 29, 2016
read has been integrated with AppRTC, a WebRTC video chat application built by Google. AppRTC is one of the many options to get started with WebRTC and it can be used as a reference when debugging WebRTC related problems.

A version of AppRTC running on infrastructure

Start a conference with AppRTC running on

Integration Steps

If you want to start using with AppRTC, head over to WebRTC’s Github repository and download the files of pull request 261, which includes callstats.min.js. You can use our instance of AppRTC at AppRTC allows two participants in a conference and is optimized for quick session setup.

Add the callstats AppID and AppSecret to the app.yaml or as an environment variable:

# Use --env_variable=CALLSTATS_APP_ID:ID \


# --env_variable=ICE_SERVER_API_KEY:KEY \

# in order to replace variables when deploying.




Remember to restart the server to use the latest callstats.min.js, it is fetched during start up and served locally from the AppRTC instance.

Dashboard Views

The general tab shows the overview of the conference, such as the call duration, the status of the call (live calls are also shown), details of the participants, and successful and failed connections.

General view of the dashboard for an AppRTC call

General view of the dashboard for an AppRTC call

The media streams tab shows the media stream track associated with each participant and the graph visualizes the chosen metric. For example, the send and receive throughput for each media stream track.

Stats view of the dashboard for an AppRTC call

Stats view of the dashboard for an AppRTC call

Big thanks to the team at Google, especially Christoffer Jansson for integrating callstats.js and Justin Uberti for championing the effort.

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