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Introducing New Team Members

By callstats on May 27, 2015

The team has been growing this spring, we have three new team members! Here are short introductions for Juhani, Satu and Lasse.

Juhani Shen

An Infrastructure Engineer at, joined the team in March. Juhani has a knack for personal development, running personal software projects and attending local meetups. At, Juhani is working on the infrastructure that performs analytics in real-time! Before, Juhani has worked as a Software Developer at various companies: Nokia Siemens Networks, Accenture, and Digia. Having lived in Finland already for 20 years Juhani is still an avid follower of Chinese football and he still watches games and roots for his favorite team on a weekly basis.

Satu Salekari

A Fullstack Developer, started in April. Satu’s personal mission is to master both ends of the web development software stack. At Satu is designing and developing the customer dashboard. Satu is also one of the coaches for the Rails Girls events series, which introduces programming to girls and women. Before, Satu worked with SportSetter and ExperQ. In her free time, Satu likes to dance and is an expert in creating Spotify playlists (see our office playlist curated by her!).

Lasse Lumiaho

A Growth Hacker, joined the team in May. Lasse loves to build products that scale, educates himself about product development and marketing as well as plays ice hockey in the winter time. At, Lasse is developing onboarding flows, content marketing, and internal marketing processes. Lasse is also the co-founder and organiser of ProductCamp Helsinki, an unconference about product development and product marketing. Before, Lasse worked as a Product Manager at Etuma developing text analysis solutions for customer feedback. Follow @llumiaho on twitter.

We are scaling up the development and marketing of and are releasing new features continuously. Additionally, we are looking for new people to help grow the products and infrastructure. If you are interested, apply here. Stay tuned about future product news and job openings by subscribing to our blog.

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