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Nowadays, it is common for an Internet connected device to have multiple network interfaces. For example, smartphones have a 3G/LTE connection along with an active WiFi access. Essentially, a single session can take advantage of the availability of multiple paths between two endpoints.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh,

We tend to share some metrics from our service across deployments at various industry events. We have been wanting to make this process more formal. Today we are announcing the WebRTC Metrics Report series, and making its first report available to everyone.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh, Marcin Nagy,

JsSIP version 3.0 now supports sending WebRTC statistics to callstats.io. Huge thanks to the Nimble Ape team and especially to Iñaki Baz Castillo for doing most of the heavy lifting. All WebRTC services based on SIP, can natively use callstats.js.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh, Karthik BR,

Last year we wrote a blog post about how and why we selected the front-end framework for our dashboard. We picked React because its component-based architecture gave us a lot of benefits. Here are our learnings after one year of using React.

By: Lasse Lumiaho,

To make sure our new software developers get to carry out productive work as quickly as possible, we have a development environment that takes about 30 mins to install. We run everything in containers, and a developer runs only the necessary containers for a given task. Every new recruit goes through the installation guide while making sure it is updated with any changes in the process.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Arttu Tervo, Eljas Alakulppi,

Callstats.io serves multiple functions and teams in a company. Our vision is to create “a world where real-time communication is frictionless and effortless to set up, operate, and scale” and our mission is to “bring high quality of media experience to every interaction.” As there are many ways those goals could be achieved, this blog post explains shortly what we do and in detail how we create value for different functions of an organisation.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh,

In this blog post, we cover a new congestion control method that probes for additional capacity with redundant data (FEC).

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Balázs Kreith, Marcin Nagy, Varun Singh,